Lantern Text Adventure IDE

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Lantern is an IDE which lets you create text adventures and run them on classic 8-bit computers or Raspberry Pi.
Platforms currently supported are: Amstrad CPC64, Apple 2, Coco 2/3, Commodore 64, CP/M, IBM PC/XT, TRS-80 1/3/4, ZX Spectrum

An easy to use GUI for creating the game.
A decent, four-word parser with disambiguation.
A simple 'C' like language for custom game logic.
Lots of helpful video tutorials.
Can import maps made with Trizbort!
Easy export to the target platform.

Game Size - Unlike Infocom's Z-Machine, this tool does not support paging. Consequently, the maximum game size is limited to the amount of RAM available in the target machine.

No saving/restoring game yet for Spectrum / BBC / C64

The IDE writes C and/or assembly code for a specific target computer.
Other free, 3rd party tools will be needed to assemble the code and attach it to a disk or tape image.
A list of these tools is provided on the Installation page.

System Requirements

A Windows PC and the .Net runtime environment, or...
Linux/WINE. (So I've been told)
A Raspberry Pi with mono-runtime installed
Will probably run on Mac if MonoMac is installed (but I haven't tried)