Lantern Text-adventure IDE

Lantern is a text-adventure authoring/cross-compilier/assembler that lets you create adventure games and run them on your favorite classic 8-bit computers, Raspberry Pi, or Windows.  Lantern is a .NET application and will run on Windows, Macintosh (with a 32 bit OS), and Linux.

Lantern can export games to Amstrad CPC64, Apple //e,  Commodore 64, z80 based CP/M machines, IBM PC/XT, TRS-80 1/3/4, ZX Spectrum 48K, and Sharp MZ80A.  There is also a virtual machine based player for Windows and Linux.   

An easy to use GUI for creating the game.
A built-in player for testing your games.
A four-word parser with disambiguation.
A simple 'C' like language for custom game logic.
Drop-in code snippets to make programming easier.
Lots of helpful video tutorials.
Ability to import Trizbort and maps!
Easy export to the target platform.


That's so cool. What can't Lantern do?

Lantern is an 8-bit system.  This imposes certain limits on the game size. There is a limit of 128 rooms/objects. Unlike Infocom's Z-Machine, this tool does not use a virtual machine with memory management (yet). This limits the maximum game size to the amount of contiguous RAM available in the target machine. For making smallish games (up to about 80 rooms/objects), though, it works really well. 

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