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These tutorial videos will show you how to code many of the elements commonly found in text-adventure games.

Getting Started
Guidlines for naming objects
Creating a map using Trizbort
Importing a Trizbort map into Lantern
Containers, Supporters,  Scenery (setting properties after importing)
Scenery objects
Lantern programming syntax
Backdrops (scenery visible in more than one room)
Adding new verbs
Has and Sees (testing containment and visibility)

Desk with a drawer
Desk with multiple drawers
Doors / locked doors
Doors with multiple locks
Door with a key card
Doors or boxes with access codes
Searching an object for items (search a body for items, a couch for coins...)

Light Sources
Light sources (Flashlight and lamps)
Remote lights (A switch that turns on lights elsewhere)
Killing the player if they're in the dark for too long

Manipulating the Map
Enterable objects (a barrel, a shed, a car)
Revealing a secret passage (move a bookcase)
Making a passage collapse behind the player (example: a cave-in)
Instant death rooms (use sparingly)
Machines you can turn on and off
Using a ladder
Breakable wall
Bridging a gap with an object
A bridge that breaks under the player
End game (what to do when you reach the last room)

Talking to NPCs
Having enemies block exits
Killing enemies
Having monsters attack the player
Resetting the game after player death

Other Game Elements
Require a disguise to pass a person/checkpoint
Require protective clothing
Digging example
Timed puzzles

Nice Touches
Adding a scoring system
Adding a help/hint system

Exporting to Vintage Hardware
Building for Apple 2
Building for C64
Build for CP/M
Building for Raspberry Pi
Building for TRS-80 Model 1,3,4
Building for TRS-80 Color Computer