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About Lantern

Lantern started as a utility program I wrote to  create a text-adventure for the TRS-80 Color Computer as a way of learning 6809 assembly language. As it improved, it appeared that it might be useful in the Computer Information Systems / Game Design class I teach at the Technology Center of DuPage in Addison, IL. Though there are other tools for making text-games, such as Inform 7, TADS, Quest, none had an easy learning curve and could export games to a classic 8-bit computer. So, I developed my tool into user friendly application named Lantern (an homage to Jason Scott's documentary, Get Lamp) .  Though we could have used many vintage computers, the platform that has worked best is the Apple 2. Once the students have finished their games, I build them and use ADT Pro to write them to floppy disk so we can play them on vintage hardware! 

Note: I would like to extend my profuse grattitude to Kansas Fest and its tradition of the garage give-away. The Apple 2 computer, monitor, and disk drives I was able to get are now back in a high school helping students unlock their creativity.