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Installation and 3rd Party Tools

Installation (Windows)

Download the file from</a><br>
Unzip the archive in a convenient location. Next, you'll need to get the tools to support building on your intended target platform.

Installation (Linux)
Install the mono-runtime and mono-complete packages<br>
Download and un-tar Lantern.tar from

3rd Party Tools
Free 3rd party tools are needed for assembling the output code, creating disk images, and attaching the games to the disk images.  Which tools you need depends on your target platform.

Apple 2
java runtime, Merlin32AppleCommander

Amstrad CPC64
Copy these into the Z80Skel folder.

BBC Micro

CoCo 2/3
Download and build ltwools (make, sudo make install)
Install bison and flex packages (needed for cmoc).
    Just type 'sudo apt-get bison' and 'sudo apt-get flex'
Download and make cmoc (./configure, make, sudo make install)

Commodore 64/128
C1541.exe (for attaching the .prg file to a disk image)
Note: C1541 is a part of the WinVice C64 emulator suite. If you download WinVice you can also run your finished game using x64.exe 
Copy C1541 into bin folder under the Lantern directory.

Copy Z80asm.exe to the bin  folder in the Lantern folder.
Use a serial connection to kermit or xmodem the file to the machine
Alternately, you could move the image on to a CP/M disk using 22disk
Open Watcom (a free 16 bit x86 C compiler)
DOS Box (for running the 16 bit executables)
An XT-IDE card for moving images to the real machine

TRS-80 Model 1, 3, 4
TRSTools (for attaching cmd file to disk image)
Copy Z80asm.exe to the bin folder in the installation folder
You can launch TRS Tools from anywhere.

mingw (a Windows version  of gcc)

ZX Spectrum
mctrd.exe (for attaching bin file to tape image)
Copy Z80asm.exe and mctrd.exe to the bin folder under the Lantern installation folder