Installation and 3rd Party Tools

.NET Runtime

Newer versions of Lantern require the .NET runtime environment version 6.0.  You can get that from Microsoft at this link. 


Download the file from
Unzip the archive in a convenient location. Next, you'll need to get the tools to support building on your intended target platform.

Install the mono-runtime and mono-complete packages (sudo apt-get install mono-complete)
Download from
Unzip it using the unzip command
cd into Lantern's bin folder and make and make all the .exe files executable  (chmod a+x *.exe)
Run Lantern using the command sudo mono Lantern.exe&
Warning: builds are slow on a Raspberry Pi

If you have a operating system that still supports 32 bit applications the following instructions might work.  The following Mono documentation suggests, running under Catalina or newer will not work.

Note:  My MacBook is ancient (2012).  I was able to get Lantern running on Sierra using the following steps, but I can't offer any help on installing on a newer OS.  If you can get Lantern running on a newer OS, please let me know what you did so I can update this guide.

Steps that worked for me:
Install Mono (available from and verify 

Download from
Open a terminal window
cd into the folder where you put Lantern
Run the command mono --arch=32 Lantern.exe to start Lantern

Install 3rd Party tools for your target platform
Depending on your target platform, some free 3rd party tools are needed for assembling the output code, creating disk images, and attaching the games to the disk images.  These are listed below.  If you don't see the target platform, you don't need any extra tools!

Apple 2
Java runtime enivronment (required for AppleCommander)
AppleCommander (for attaching for .bin file to a disk image). AppleCommander- is included with Lantern by permission.

Amstrad CPC64
CPCDiskXP.exe is needed to attach the output  file to a disk image

Commodore 64/128
C1541.exe (for attaching the .prg file to a disk image). This is included in WinVice Emulator Suite.
Download WinVice and copy C1541.exe into Lantern's bin folder.
Note: If you download WinVice you can also run your finished game using x64.exe 

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