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About Lantern...

Lantern started as a utility program I wrote to create a text-adventure for the Color Computer as a way of learning 6809 assembly language. As it improved, it appeared that it might be useful in my CIS / Game Design class which I teach at the Technology Center of DuPage in Addison, IL. Though there are other tools for making text-games, such as Inform 7 and TADS, I wanted something that had an easy learning curve and could export games to a classic 8-bit computer so my students could experience playing their games on vintage hardware. Though we have a Color Computer 2, a Commodore 64, and an IBM PC in my classroom, the platform that has worked best is the Apple 2. Once the students have finished their games, I use ADT Pro to export their games to floppy disk. The students then have to make the baggie packages for their disks and play-test each other's games.