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If you are an educator interested in teaching with games, you may find this book valuable

Thank you for visitting this page. I am a game programming instructor at the Technology Center of DuPage in Addison, IL. Below you will find some of the many projects I have completed or have in development. I can be reached via email at


My Games and Educational Technology Projects

  • Porting Lance Micklus' 1978 "Treasure Hunt" from TRS-80 BASIC to C
  • Hunt the Wumpus cartridge for TRS-80 Color Computer

  •     (The very cool stickers that shipped with the cartridge)
  • Attended Kansasfest, 2018. Here was my HackFest entry
  • Altair Clone and TRS-80 games for Retr0Challenge 2018

  •     (My display at CoCoFest 2018...also, why is my wallet on the table?)
  • My notes for ZX-Spectrum tool chain, presented at VCF-MW 2017
  • An example of terrain generation using the midpoint displacement method in GameMaker
  • Presented at Kansas Fest, 2017 and I received a brief mention in this Tech Republic article
  • Presentation of CoCo Cartridge Development at VCF-MW 11
  • OSI-300 Replica Project
  • Building and programming a small 6502 powered SBC.
  • Hunting the Wumpus on the ZX81
  • Creating an assembly language game for the ZX81 and putting it on tape!
  • Virtual Roman Forum, 203 AD
    A program for the PC which allows students to explore the Roman Forum circa 203 AD, and learn about its buildings by interacting with characters in it.

    (right: the title screen)
  • I was honored to hear my name dropped on episode 113 of the EdGamer Podcast.
    Was this for anything having to do with educational gaming? Alas, no.
  • Collapse of Rome 235-476 AD
    A PC based game I have written in which the player controls the Roman Empire during its crisis of the third century and beyond. Intended for use as a classroom station during a unit on the Roman Empire.
  • Triangle Trader
    A web based program which allows students to explore transatlantic trade during the colonial period by sailing a ship between ports, buying and selling various commodities at each stop. Now also available as an iPhone/iPad app from iTunes.

    (right: students playing Triangle Trader on a Promethean Board)
  • Star Campaign
    A game I wrote for the Palm Pilot several years ago and recently ported to iPhone. The Palm Pilot version is still available from in the Palm section.
  • TACT (Text Adventure Creation Tool)
    TACT is an easy to use, web-based tool teachers and students can use to create works of historical interactive-fiction.
  • Civil War Board Game
    An extemporaneous board game I created to help students learn about the advantages and disadvantages faced by the Union and Confederacy during the Civil War.

    (Left: A student and I testing out various rules)
  • Home arcade machine project
  • Shays' Rebellion Activity
    An activity in which students gathered information Shays' Rebellion of 1786-1787. The information was added to an interactive webpage, which enabled students to ask Daniel Shays questions about himself.
  • Jeopardy!
    A Jeopardy style video game I created for use in the classroom. While there are many implementations of this type of game, mine features randomized sounds effects from the Simpsons TV show.
  • Vector Tanks
    A 3D tank game similar to Battlezone which I wrote in C++ and demonstrated on career day at Lindop Middle School.
  • Peripheral Empires
    A shareware space-strategy game I wrote for the Macintosh way back in 1997. This game was reviewed by Inside Mac Games Magazine on its website, and was distributed by the Software of the Month Club