Civil War Board Game

What went right

The board game achieved many of the desired educational outcomes, particularly with respect to geography. During game-play, I continuously asked questions to help relate the game to actual events.

Q: What do you immediately notice about the location of the Union capital and Confederate capital?
A: They are right next to each other

Q: So where do you think the most fighting is going to take place?
A: Right here (student pointed to the area between Richmond and Washington, D.C.)

This was the answer I was hoping for, as the Battles of Bull Run, Antietam, and Gettysburg were generally fought on the north-south axis between the two capitals.

Additionally, the "fighting" in the game reflected what we discussed in the briefing; the armies tended to clog up in Maryland and Virginia as we tried to attack each other's capitals.

Best of all, the game was actually fun.

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